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How to Serve Appetizers Properly and Avoid Common Mistakes

Ways to serve appetizers properly and avoid common mistakes

Whether you are planning a party with your friends or family you need to be aware of how to serve and avoid common mistakes so your party can still be the talk in the next one.

Planning a party can be a hassle if you don’t know what you are doing. If you don’t know what those mistakes are then you will continuously make those same mistakes without even realizing it. If you don’t know what your mistakes are then you will never be able to correct them. 

So let’s read and find out which are the common mistakes we are making while preparing an appetizer.

Common Mistakes When Serving Appetizers

  • Appetizers that require a fork 

This is a big mistake and your guests will not love you for this. Avoid serving apps that require using a fork or spoon so that your guest can stand around and mingle. Letting them sit and eat will kill the vibe of the party.

  • Appetizers that have messy sauce

You don’t want your guests walking around looking for a tissue or dripping sauce everywhere. After not finding the tissue they wipe their fingers on the curtain or tablecloth. The idea is to provide appetizers that are easy to have and easy to carry around.

You may wants to know how to prepare Appetizers. Read out this recipe: How to Prepare Appetizers and Must Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Alcohol as appetizers

Cocktails are not appetizers. Yes, some people may consider them as an appetizer but trust me it is not. Avoid serving only cocktails you can obviously include alcohol with your menu but not only cocktails. You can serve Croquettes and cocktails which is the perfect combination.

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Measure the ingredients

When cooking makes sure you keep the proper measurement so you will know how much you have already put in the dish. Or if you can’t remember if you had put in the salt or not then the measurement comes in handy. So always keep separate measurements to be on the safe side.

  • Under or overcooked apps

Imagine going to a party and they served under or overcooked appetizers. You wouldn’t want to back to that friend’s place next time. So to avoid that happening you should always try your own appetizer at first so that you will know if it is cooked properly or not. Do not serve cold appetizers when it is supposed to be hot.

  • Missing a step in the recipe

When you are reading and following a recipe then make sure you follow the recipe exactly as it is to avoid making the same mistake as Rachel in Friends. So make sure you follow all of the steps so your guests won’t end up throwing all of the appetizers down the trash unless you have a friend like Joey.

  • Experimenting goes horribly wrong

Cooking is all about experimenting with different ingredients and cooking something unique. But sometimes the experimentation might not work out that’s why I try not to experiment or change the original recipe. Keeping the original recipe you can add ingredients that might enhance the flavor of the appetizers.

  • Choosing the right appetizer 

Choosing the right food for the right crowd is not that easy so when planning to make the appetizer consider everything. If you don’t keep a vegan option for that one friend or if the appetizers are too hot for some of your guests. You don’t have to make something different for everyone. You have to be certain that your appetizer is for everyone.

What are the things to consider in serving appetizers?

After you have chosen the delicious appetizer you want to prepare the apps, and then you need to know when to serve the appetizers at the right time.

When preparing the appetizer you need to make sure you have made enough for everyone so that some of your guests don’t miss out on your delicious food.

Cooking in advance always helps. If you are serving hot appetizers then you should start before the guests arrive and serve hot when they arrive. Your timing needs to be impeccable. And serving cold appetizers you can wait and serve them after your guests have settled down for a while. Plate the appetizers simply and don’t try to do something over the top if you which might end in disaster. Rather than serving nothing serve simple. Knowing the appropriate time to serve the appetizer is essential. Don’t put plates in their hands immediately after arriving. Nor should you wait an hour before serving. You can serve drinks, mingle a bit and then start to serve the appetizers. You have picked the best time for you to serve the appetizer and take a chance.

Try my delicious and easy appetizers recipes such as-


Final Words

Planning and throwing a party with friends or family is always fun but there are a few common mistakes we tend to do when serving appetizer dishes.

This is why I have discussed in this article how to serve appetizers properly and avoid common mistakes so that your party would be the topic of conversation for the next party.

Throw the best apps party by following the suggestion above and best of luck! 

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