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A Cocktail Lover’s Guide to Havana Dreams: The Must-Try Drinks

What do you call someone who mixes cocktails?

A perfect festival dinner can be incomplete without a refreshing glass of cocktails. Before eating the appetizers, you must offer cocktails to your guests and friends.

Many people think that cocktails might prepare your body to taste the main dish. By the way, as a cocktail lover, you can try it whenever you want.

A variety of traditional and modern types of cocktails are available. Especially in our Havana Dreams, we have different types of Cuban, Spanish, and British cocktails. Are you excited to know about them? I hope this will change your experience of taste. So, let’s jump on that!

6 Must-Try Cocktails In Havana Dreams

1. Classic Mojito

As a cocktail lover, you must have heard about the mojito. Otherwise, you are not a cocktail lover. Mojito is a traditional drink that especially originated in Havana, Cuba. Mojito cocktails were introduced in the 19th century by the African slaves in Cuba.

By the way, the mojito was also used as a remedy for treating tropical illnesses. So it is also considered an effective medicine. Also, some people think that mojito is a Spanish drink.

A classic mojito is especially famous for its refreshing and smooth taste. It’s one of my favorite summertime drinks. Also, different variations of mojito are popular among the people. Alcohol-free mojitos are called virgin mojitos.

In our Havana Dreams, you can have the most unique and refreshing classic mojito. We use Havana club rum with multiple ingredients like fresh limes, fresh yerba buena, simple syrup, and club soda. It’s available in different flavors like mango, guava, coconut, mixed berry, and passion. You can get the tropical soothing experience at Havana Dreams.

2. Hemingway Special

Hemingway Special is another famous cocktail among the Cuban population. It originated in a restaurant called Floridita. It is situated in the oldest area of Havana, Cuba. But why is this cocktail name, Hemingway?

Once the famous American novelist stayed in Cuba for some time. During this period he tried regular cocktails from the Floridita restaurant.

Then he suggested giving him a cocktail without sugar with a double ram. As a result, a new type of cocktail became popular “Hemingway Special”. If you don’t like too much sugar, you should try this cocktail.

Do you want to taste the Hemingway Special? No worries! You don’t have to go to Cuba. Because you can easily taste this unique cocktail in Astoria, New York. We are ready to serve the most authentic quality Hemingway special.

As the main ingredients, we use diplomatic rum. It’s one of the popularly used dark golden rums. With that, we also include different liquids like fresh lime juice, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, fresh pink grapefruit juice, and syrup. You must try this to get a pure traditional classic cocktail taste.

3.Sidecar Drink

I already discussed two different types of Cuban cocktails. I hope you will like them. Well, let’s talk about another famous type of cocktail called the Sidecar Drink.

Sidecar is a popular and traditional cocktail that originated at the end of World War I in the European region. It’s different from North American cocktails.

But the exact origin is unclear among the people. Some of them thought that its main origin is London. Also, some people think sidecar cocktails originated in Paris.

As we know that Cuban cocktails are prepared with rum. But these cocktails are specially prepared with brandy rather than rum. For that reason, the taste is different from Cuban cocktails.

Generally, the sidecar cocktail is made with the multiple citrus fruits flavor. So it’s very sour rather than the regular sweetened cocktails.

If you want to taste the sidecar cocktail, you visit our Havana Dreams. We have original quality sidecar cocktails for you. We use Hennessy V.S. brandy to prepare these premium-quality perfect cocktail.

4. Sky Juice Drinks

Everyone wants to taste something unique and different than the regular type of cocktails. You can find the previous cocktails in multiple cocktails bars. But I can assure you that Sky Juice cocktails are rare. 

Sky juice is especially popular with the Bahamian population. People also call this cocktail Gully Wash. This cocktail was first introduced in the early 20th century. 

During this time a new constitutional law was applied called “ American Prohibition”. According to this law, no one can produce, sell or transport alcoholic beverages.

So people don’t have permission to purchase alcoholic beverages. So in the island area, they use different types of tropical fruits and other elements for making cocktails.

As a result, the Sky juice drink was invented. These cocktails become very refreshing and tasty with the combination of various fruit flavors and milk. Gradually it became one of the popular drinks in Bahamian cuisine.

Do you want to try this beautiful tropical cocktail? You can try this at our Havana Dreams. We have the most special sky juice cocktail. We use coconut rum, and sweetened milk to make this drink more unique.

5. Anticuado. (Old fashioned)

Do you want to taste something old and traditional? You choose the Anticuado. (Old fashioned) cocktail. It’s one of the initial and simple versions of cocktails. During the end of the early 19th century(1870-1900) cocktails were gradually popular among the people.

At this time, cocktails were made with ingredients like orange flavor, and different types of alcoholic drinks. Whisky was one of the major elements of making the old-fashioned cocktail. 

But in the current time, multiple variations of old-fashioned cocktails are available in the bars. Multiple restaurants use brandy and other liqueurs for making Anticuado.

We know that our taste naturally changes with time. After 1940, it became a very popular liquor for old-fashioned cocktails.

You already understand that Havana Dreams always try to give their customers a different experience. So you make the old-fashioned cocktails with unique ingredients. As a main liquid, we use 12-year-old El Dorado rum.

I think you already know about the popularity of El Dorado Rum. Along with that we also include Gary Reagan’s, Orange Bitters. This premium combination is perfect for making old-fashioned cocktails.

6. Yellow Fever Cocktail

Yellow Fever Cocktail is another famous variation of a unique cocktail. It’s a version of the traditional daiquiri. Daiquiri is prepared with a combination of lime juice, sugar, and rum.

It’s one of the oldest forms of cocktails. Daiquiri was first invented in 1898 in Cuba. An American mining engineer first recognized it as a Daiquiri.

After that, daiquiri became popular in the United states. Different bars and restaurants use daiquiri recipes for making cocktails. It’s one of the special drinks of Havanian cuisine.

The most fascinating factor of this cocktail is it’s made with very simple ingredients. But the portion of the three ingredients like sugar, lime juice, and rum should be balanced. Only rum was the main liquor of it at the beginning period.

During 1940-50, people started using vodka and whisky to make this cocktail. But it doesn’t reduce its overall taste of it. Rather it includes a unique taste.

Daiquiri is also used as medicine against yellow fever. So people also consider it as a yellow fever cocktail.

If you want to take the authentic taste of the yellow fever cocktail, you must visit our Havana Dreams restaurant and bar. 

By the way, you can also try other cocktails at Havana Dreams such as-

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Tips For Preparing Cocktails To Get The Best Taste

Well, you have already got an extensive idea about different variations of authentic cocktails in our Havana Dreams.

But if you want to prepare cocktails in your home you should follow these tips. It will help make your homemade cocktails more tasty and refreshing.

1. Choose the Right Liquor

You are a cocktail lover, you know liquor is the most important factor in making a good quality cocktail. So before preparing the cocktail, select a premium quality liquor. A wrong drink selection can make the taste of the cocktails worse.

People use different types of alcoholic drinks for cocktails. Some of the common types of drinks are Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, Gin, etc.

If you look at the Cuban cocktails, you will see most of the cocktails are made with rum. Rum is special for tropical zones. Also, the liquor type depends on your preference. If you want to make a Cuban traditional cocktail you can use Rum or Whisky.

2. Use Appropriate Tools

Along with the liquor types and quality, you need to use appropriate cocktail-making tools. You might have all the ingredients. But without tools, it’s impossible to make good cocktails.

First, you need to choose good quality jiggers. Making cocktails is a kind of measuring art. You must measure each ingredient to make cocktails. Jigger is a measuring cup. With this cup, you can easily measure all the necessary ingredients.

Besides that, you also need a cocktail shaker. Because the main purpose of making cocktails is mixing different ingredients. A hand juicer is also another essential tool for making cocktails at home.

3.Fresh Ingredients

We have already understood that liquor is the most important ingredient of cocktails. With the liquor, you must choose other ingredients like fresh fruits.

Many people use artificial fruit juice. But artificial fruit juice contains added sugars and other chemicals. It can reduce the overall taste of the cocktail.

So choose fresh fruits like limes and oranges. Make authentic lemon juice with the hand juicer.

4. Make Own Syrup

The right syrup proportion is the most important factor in preparing cocktails at home. A good quality syrup sweetens the cocktail and increases the taste.

You can find various types of cocktail syrups in the markets like Orgeat, Grenadine, bitters, etc. I can suggest you make the cocktail syrup at your home. It contains water, sugar, and other flavors. You can easily make it by boiling all the ingredients.

5. Ice Types

Ice is always important for any kind of beverage. It impacts the looks and taste of the cocktail. Without a cooling and smooth taste, you can enjoy your favorite cocktails.

Ice comes in different types of shapes such as large-size cubes, small-size cubes, crushed ice cubes, etc.  Choose the right ice cubes based on your cocktail preparation types.

6. Find the Right Glasses

Well, cocktails are often used as drinks for different types of occasions. So you have to serve cocktails to your friends and guests at the party.

Do you ever think which glass would be the best for serving cocktails? You will see various styles of cocktail glasses in the market. The most commonly used glasses are Collins glass, Highball glass, Rocks glass, coupe glass, etc.

7. Experiment With New Ingredients

Cocktails are a creative type of drink. People mix different types of liqueurs and syrups for preparing cocktails. As a result, they unintentionally make a new type of cocktail. 

This process is followed throughout the history of drinking alcoholic beverages. So you must try something different. You might invent a new form of cocktail.

Final Words

Cocktails are a beautiful combination of different tastes with a variety of ingredients. As a cocktail lover, you always want to taste something new and unique. For that purpose, just visit our Havana Dreams restaurant. We will show you the uniqueness and the beauty of multiple traditional cocktails. Also, if you want to make cocktails at your home, you can follow the previous tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best tropical cocktail?

Sky Juice Drinks is the best tropical cocktail that was invented in Bahama. It’s specially prepared with different tropical fruits and milk.

2. What are the main ingredients for making cocktails?

For making the best quality cocktails, you must need jiggers, shakers, and a hand juicer.

3. Which is the best cocktail at Havana Dreams?

All of the cocktail items of the Havana Dreams are unique and authentic. But you can try the Hemingway Special cocktail. I assure you, you will get a traditional taste.

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