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Chocolate Mousse Domes With Mirror Glaze

How to Make Chocolate Mousse Domes

Are you a dessert lover? Then you must like chocolate items. A sweet and delicious piece of chocolate can change your mood instantly. Otherwise, you will never be considered a dessert lover at all. After a full-fledged appetizer, you might search for delicious sweet desserts. There are different types of chocolate desserts available in multiple restaurants. I am going to share with you my favorite chocolate dish called chocolate mousse domes with mirror glaze. So let’s focus on that.

Ingredients for Preparing Chocolate Mousse Domes With Mirror Glaze

  • Dark Chocolate/White Chocolate.
  • Caster Sugar.
  • Cocoa Powder.
  • Condensed Milk.
  • Double Whipping Cream.
  • Vanilla Extract.
  • Gelatin Powder.
  • Cold Water.

Other Ingredients – Round Silicone Molds

Prep Time: 30 Minutes.

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.

Total Time: 40 Minutes.

Freeze Time: 7 Hours.

How to Prepare Chocolate Mousse Domes With Mirror Glaze

I hope you have already gathered all the necessary ingredients. I will divide this recipe into two different sections. First, let’s make the chocolate mousse domes.

✅ Step 1 – Make The Chocolate Mousse

To make the chocolate mousse, you need a heat-proof bowl. Now place the chocolate(white/dark) in the bowl. You can also choose low-sweet chocolate.

Along with that add ½ cup of double-whipping cream. Now you have to place the bowl over a pot with boiling water. Slowly heat the bowl until the chocolate gets melted.

Besides that, you need to prepare a gelatin mix. Take the gelatin powder and mix it with cold water for 10 minutes. Now add the gelatin mix with the melted chocolate. Wait until the melted chocolate becomes cool.

Now you have to add more whipping creams to it for preparing the chocolate mousse. Mix the combination properly. Your chocolate mousse is ready.

✅ Step 2 – Make the Chocolate Domes

This is a very significant step for the entire recipe. We have already prepared the chocolate mousse. Now the time has come to give an appropriate shape to this mousse.

We are going to prepare the chocolate domes. For that purpose, you need a round-shaped mold. You can find it in your nearest super shop.

Properly clean the mold before using it. Pour the melted chocolate into each section of the mold. During this time, you have to remember that the melt needs to be cool.

After filling all the sections, now you need to refrigerate the domes. Keep these domes in the fridge for 4-5 hours. Make sure that the chocolate domes get into a proper shape. You have to follow the next step after the refrigeration process.

✅ Step 3 – Prepare Mirror Glaze

We are almost at the end of our making journey of chocolate mousse domes with mirror glaze. First, you need a bowl. Now properly mix ½ cup of gelatin powder and cocoa powder with cold water. Wait for 5-10 minutes.

Alongside, mix condensed milk and caster sugar with water. You have to boil this mixture for some time.

You have to gently pour the mixture over the chocolate gelatin proportion. You can also add vanilla extract to it. Finally, you will get a shiny chocolate liquid.

Well, now we are at the decoration stage. Take the chocolate domes from the fridge. Keep out the domes from the silicon mold and place them on a try.

Pour the beautiful glazing liquid over the domes. Keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Congratulations! you have made the best chocolate mousse domes with mirror glaze.

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Final Words

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You can easily make multiple delicious chocolate desserts with the combination of various ingredients. So you can follow this delicious chocolate mousse dome with mirror glaze. I ensure you, your friends, and your family will love this. Besides that, you can read another mouth-watering dessert recipe – How to make a molten chocolate lava cake: Simple recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to make chocolate spheres at home?

You can easily make chocolate spheres with different types of ingredients at home such as dark chocolate, whipping cream, gelatin, and cold water.

2. How do you fill a balloon with chocolate?

First, you need to melt the chocolate into liquid form with gelatin powder. After that, you can easily pour the chocolate liquid into the balloon. This process helps make chocolate domes without molds.

3. How long should I refrigerate the chocolate domes?

You need to refrigerate it for 4-5 hours. Some people refrigerate the domes for the whole day.

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